Windows Vista is not ready for UMPCs? “The OW starts NOW!”

ThoughtFix has an excellent recap of the situation that current UMPC customers are facing in terms of upgrading to Vista. I have to agree with him on most points, especially the ‘You don’t need it’ statement. I’ve just come back to Vista after a multi-month XP vacation and I really enjoy it – on my laptop. But there’s no compelling reason (yet) to upgrade an XP UMPC to Vista.

That being said, I’ll be interested to see some solid tests (on UMPCs) of ReadyBoost, Indexed Search and the new Vista battery life improvements. Also, on my laptop, I find hibernate in Vista to be much, much faster than XP, so I assume the same would be true for UMPCs.

One response to “Windows Vista is not ready for UMPCs? “The OW starts NOW!””

  1. Matt says :

    Well John, I’m actually waiting on Origami Experience to be one of the deciding factors regarding if i stay with Vista or go back to XP. Currently I’ve got Vista working on my Q1b, however the lack of RAM is becoming more and more evident the more i try to use it. It’s frustrating to think that if a UMPC user wants to try Vista, they need to upgrade to at least 1gig to have the same performance speed levels as they did with XP.

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