2 N800s in a Dual Screen Configuration

Here are some ideas as to how such a configuration would work. Please add your thoughts.

What are we talking about?

Two Nokia N800 Internet Tablets fastened together. The hinge would connect the bottom edge of the first one to the top edge of the second one. The hinge would allow the two devices to be ‘closed’ by folding them back to back. Ideally, the hinge would also allow the devices to be folded screen to screen. The hinge would also be set up to allow for a flat position with the two being two screens tall. Finally, a slightly angled position would also be supported with the top device lightly tilted ‘in’.

How would this be useful?

  • Use the bottom device as a keyboard for the top device.
  • Use the top device for watching movies and the bottom device for reading the imdb entry about the movie.
  • Use the top device for ReaderMini.com and the bottom device email.
  • Applications could be written to take advantage of the screens as though they were one. The application could communicate with the ‘secondary display’ via bluetooth, usb or wifi.
  • Use the top device for GPS / directions and the bottom for a browser.
  • Use the top for video chat and the bottom for a movie/browser, etc.

2 responses to “2 N800s in a Dual Screen Configuration”

  1. ThoughtFix says :

    We’ll call it the 2nit (pronounced TOOnit) for Two Nokia Internet Tablets

  2. Luke says :

    Sounds like a Nintendo DS

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