CeBit is Blocking Pro Bloggers?

Given how fast the tech world changes, I’m surprised that a conference like CeBit would not grant press passes to electronic journalists. Specifically, it sounds like Steve Paine, who lives right there in Germany and has been one of the most consistent and fair news sources on UMPCs, won’t be invited to CeBit. It’s a shame, if you ask me.

2 responses to “CeBit is Blocking Pro Bloggers?”

  1. Frank Michlick says :

    CeBIT really always has had a problem with accepting online media at the trade show. Probably this is partially caused by the up to 10,000 accredited journalists they have had a previous shows – including many with “fake” credentials.

    This however is no excuse for excluding bloggers. I guess it’s just too hard for them to grasp and verify the validity of each and every application, but it’s not a policy that will do them any good.

    PS: If anybody is going to CeBIT, make sure to stay in the evenings and check they list the parties at CeBIT, which used to be amazing.

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