Firebug video

Joe Hewitt demos firebug. If you’ve been using firebug a lot, this will mostly be a review, but I saw several things I hadn’t noticed before:

  • calling console.profile in your javascript to turn on the profiler for specific regions of code, rather than the bazooka style profiling that the profile button gives you.
  • There is a “log all calls to” option in the right click menu when you are inside a function definition in the script tab. Params are logged! If you want to log the stack traces, use console.trace.
  • I use the box model display often, but I didn’t notice before that rulers are added to your page when you mouse-over the box. Nice.
  • When you are editing an attribute in the HTML or the CSS edit modes, you can use cursor keys to increase or decrease dimensions.
  • Documentation for the firebug API is coming soon!
  • Ctrl-Click while debugging will “run to the clicked line”.
  • When you are in the DOM tab, the variables you added to the name space are in bold at the top… handy.
  • When you paste multi-line text into the console’s command line, you get a larger text area to enter your code.
  • The copy button in that larger javascript area mushes together the current javascript into a string suitable for bookmarklets.


When will Javascript be directly editable in Firebug?

When will Javascript have syntax highlighting?

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