More on the Apple Carputer

Oppenheimer said: “We are working to develop new products that contain technologies that our competition will not be able to match. I cannot discuss these new products, but we are very confident in our product pipeline.”

I think that Apple can beat the competition so well because a) it builds the hardware and the software, b) it’s OS (OS X) has an unprecedented level of scalability in footprint, UI stretchability and power usage, c) the developer community supporting Apple is notoriously agile and loyal.

Yes, the tablet that people have been predicting for years will be fantastic when it arrives and I’ll certainly buy one, but the carputer could also be a huge win. Podcasts, Tivo for your radio, better and more integrated (with your macbook, phone and web) navigation, voice notes, etc… would be a good start. Wait ’till the App Store comes, though!!

One response to “More on the Apple Carputer”

  1. Matt says :

    Carputer would be sweet. I\’d love if they could somehow integrate driving directions with something like Google Maps.

    I finally picked up an iPhone today, so we\’ll see how it treats me. I\’m not a huge fan of huge, monopolistic gateways to content, but you can\’t escape it in mobile, so I might as well pick the best of the bunch.

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