Twitter – 129 tweets later

Well, actually, it’s probably more like 160 tweets later. I semi-accidentally deleted my account at one point and lost the history. Anyway.

My last 129 tweets include:

  • iPhone and iPhone 3G usage notes
  • Product endorsements
  • A plea to comcast
  • A reminder-to-self to pay a parking ticket (which I forgot about until just now)
  • Commentary on a few blog posts / news items that I thought missed the mark
  • Notes about a couple of life events (ColdPlay concert with my son Charlie, grilling, eating an omelette, laser etching)
  • I-wish-I-had-______

Nothing earth shattering, but I think I’ll continue to twitter (micro-blog).

One response to “Twitter – 129 tweets later”

  1. Travis says :

    Tokash… I don\’t think twitter saves everything someone ever posts, which is stupid. But I think it is truncating my early tweets.


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