Fuelly: Google Analytics for your Car

A few minutes ago at the Start 08 conference, Matt Haughey got on stage and demoed/launched Fuelly.com. It’s a social network around cars, mileage, etc. Seems timely and useful.

Twitter discussion is here.

Seems to be pretty solid. My profile is here.

Some quick notes from the presentation:

  • “I’m a big no-funding guy.”
  • Mobile version available (good call)
  • Coming soon: nike+ style challenges, API, i18n, facebook app, openid, car sharing, group formation/discussion.
  • Available now: Threads, trends, activity screen, filter to friends, calculate savings with small changes
  • It’s built on the metafilter code.
  • Built with 2 people, a few weeks, $1000.


Update: Looks like comments are starting on Metafilter, Digg and the Fuelly forums.

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