Twitter Updates for 2008-08-07

  • hackaday: Please go back to posting one hack per day. #
  • @rogerly what is LofN3? #
  • At @start08. Listening to the founder of #
  • fuzzz is taking notes at start08: #
  • Running my thebigpicture photo downloader to feed my screensaver folder. Have to post that code. #
  • My spring evdo is holding up great. #
  • Guy on stage now: FUELLY – google analytics for your car #
  • Fuelly: Threads, trends, activity screen, filter to friends, calculate savings with small changes, 2 people, few weeks, $1000 spent so far. #
  • Fuelly: Built on the metafilter code. #
  • Fuelly: web mobile version, nike+ style challenges coming as is API, i18n, facebook app, openid, car sharing, group formation/discussion. #
  • Fuelly: “I’m a big no-funding guy.” #
  • Fuelly is up, just added my Prius. Wish I had my odometer reading handy. #
  • Blog post about Fuelly: (announced at #start08) #
  • @mathowie very cool product! #
  • Maria: “Time to Blackberry” – how long does it take a VC to get bored and pick up their blackberry during your pitch? #
  • I like M.I.A. Paper Planes. #
  • @davemc500hats I agree, mostly. Apture looks great. It’ll have to overcome the stigma associated with rich popup links in content, though. #
  • @atmasphere great mobile theme on your blog! #
  • Cool hack! This presentor reused his “vc pitch” to highlight (for the audience?) the openings available at his company. #start08 #
  • Got a free black rubber Speck case for my iPhone at #start08. The cases were given out by dom from iphonedevcamp. Much appreciated. #

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