MacWorld 2009 Wish List

TUAW asks what I want to see at MacWorld. Check out their predictions. Here is my wish list in order. First is what I want most.

1. A Car PC experience for an Apple product. Voice navigation, Text-to-Speech for email and news, Voice Recorder, Traffic. App Store. This could be related to the rumored Tablet or maybe just a new interface for the iPhone…

2. 6″-9″ device. This should incorporate learnings from the iPhone, NetBooks and Mobile Internet Devices.

3. iPhone: Hulu and Netflix streaming.

4. iPhone: Background downloading of Podcasts, Twitter and Google Reader. If I understand correctly, the promised “push” functionality will be insufficient for these applications, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

5. iPhone: Copy/Paste

6. iPhone: Better calendar integration with Exchange.

7. iPhone: Email more than one photo at a time.

I’m not really in the market for an Apple TV or a Mac Mini, but there are definitely changes they could make to those devices that would make them hard to resist. The Apple Home Server product rumor is also interesting, but I’d be in wait and see mode. Especially after experiencing the flakiness of the Time Capsule product first hand this year.

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