My Top 10 Favorite iPhone Apps

Short and sweet.

Google Reader’s mobile version – This isn’t a native app. It’s the iPhone Safari version of Google Reader. I’d prefer something native, but, until background downloading comes along, it’s faster for me to just visit the site directly.

Things – a todo app that syncs with the OS X version of Things. This is the first time I’ve had a tasks application so well integrated into my daily life. It’s nice! Not cheap, though – $10 for the iPhone app and $40-$50 for the OS X app.

TwitterFon – My favorite iPhone twitter client. Twittelator is my backup, though. It supports groups so I can view tweets from a small group of people if I’m short on time. I hope TwitterFon adds that kind of functionality soon! – This app is great in stores. Take photos of the things you want to see reviews on or want to price check. Moments later, the Amazon product pages for those items show up and you can make informed purchases at local stores OR do a 1-click purchase from Amazon.

iPod – The built in iPod functionality is great and I use it a lot for Podcasts, AudioBooks and Music. Still, I wish the Podcast downloading was automatic.

iTalk – Great for taking voice notes.

Yelp – Excellent source of information about local restaurants and services.

Maps – The built in Google Map functionality is great and keeps getting better.

The Creeps – My favorite Tower Defense-style game currently.

Shazam – Helps me identify songs on the radio that I’d like to download when I stop the car.

2 responses to “My Top 10 Favorite iPhone Apps”

  1. Phil says :

    I’m a big fan of Mobile Fotos for viewing and uploading photos to Flickr. I don’t use it quite as much now that Flickr has launched it’s rather nice, but Mobile Fotos is still an excellent camera / uploader app. It supports all of the tagging, geo locating, permissions, and other features that you’d expect when uploading to Flickr.

    It also uploads photos from your camera roll at full resolution, which is much better than posting via email (which apple cripples for some reason). Mobile Fotos also uploads photos in the background (while the app is running), so that you can keep using it while its uploading.

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