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Windows Vista is not ready for UMPCs? “The OW starts NOW!”

ThoughtFix has an excellent recap of the situation that current UMPC customers are facing in terms of upgrading to Vista. I have to agree with him on most points, especially the ‘You don’t need it’ statement. I’ve just come back to Vista after a multi-month XP vacation and I really enjoy it – on my laptop. But there’s no compelling reason (yet) to upgrade an XP UMPC to Vista.

That being said, I’ll be interested to see some solid tests (on UMPCs) of ReadyBoost, Indexed Search and the new Vista battery life improvements. Also, on my laptop, I find hibernate in Vista to be much, much faster than XP, so I assume the same would be true for UMPCs.

Hibernate to Flash? A great compromise!

UMPCs are starting to be released with flash memory hard drives. Large flash drives use less power than a conventional hard drive, so they are an obvious choice for an ULTRA MOBILE device. But they are EXPENSIVE. ThoughtFix suggests a great compromise. Let us hibernate or standby to Flash. Flash is faster than my seagate and less volatile than RAM. It doesn’t have to be a lot (2-3GB) to take on the task, so it won’t add hundreds of dollars to the price tag.

ThoughtFix Visits the TabletKiosk Team at CES

ThoughtFix has a TON of news and photos from his visit to the TabletKiosk booth.

The eo dock and car mount look great!!

More TabletKiosk info is at Engadget.

Personally, I’m glad these folks continue to be successful. During the eo launch, they did an amazing job of communicating with customers.

My Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

I’lll update this post throughout the day as I learn more about my new n800. Bought it at CompUSA. Check out here and here for earlier coverage.

Chippy was kind enough to put up my hurried photographs of the n800 and the 770 here. I’m hoping to take a better set of photos in the next hour or two. Stand by!

Meanwhile, ThoughtFix, OrigamiPortal and Carrypad all have more information on the stats of the n800. That information was gathered primarily from “Disconnected” on freenode IRC (channel #maemo).

Needless to say, this is an exciting day and a real PRE-CES surprise.

Update: I just posted TONS of photos. Thanks go to Chippy for lots of camera tips!