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Google Mobile App

The new Google Mobile iPhone app is extremely poor at interpreting my voice.

Fuelly: Google Analytics for your Car

A few minutes ago at the Start 08 conference, Matt Haughey got on stage and demoed/launched It’s a social network around cars, mileage, etc. Seems timely and useful.

Twitter discussion is here.

Seems to be pretty solid. My profile is here.

Some quick notes from the presentation:

  • “I’m a big no-funding guy.”
  • Mobile version available (good call)
  • Coming soon: nike+ style challenges, API, i18n, facebook app, openid, car sharing, group formation/discussion.
  • Available now: Threads, trends, activity screen, filter to friends, calculate savings with small changes
  • It’s built on the metafilter code.
  • Built with 2 people, a few weeks, $1000.


Update: Looks like comments are starting on Metafilter, Digg and the Fuelly forums.

Netflix, GameFly

I finally canceled both. We don’t order enough movies or games to make either of these services pay off, financially. The result would have been different if the Netflix Video On Demand service supported OS X.