ASUS UMPC: Front Mounted Camera, Founder UMPC: Pentium M!

Engadget’s post shows that even the first round of Origami devices will have variety. Founder chose to add a 1Ghz Pentium M instead of the Celeron. ASUS stuck a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front. Apparently, both feel more sturdy than the Samsung (do they weigh more?).

Overall, yesterday’s news really solidified my decision. I really want to see price and the size of the power brick, but it’s hard to imagine that either of those things could stop me from buying one.  Which one will I buy?  The Samsung?  The Founder?  The ASUS?  If only one is available in March/April, it’ll be that one.

jkOnTheRun has some thoughts on the variety, too.

At WhatIsNew, Lora posted a list of APIs to consider when building software for UMPC devices.

4 responses to “ASUS UMPC: Front Mounted Camera, Founder UMPC: Pentium M!”

  1. nickh says :

    John, you are just a little to excited by this. You should get a Lenovo X41 tablet. It will blow this thing out of the water and fit in a handbag.

  2. John Tokash says :

    Hi Nick!

    The tablet you suggest weighs twice as much as a UMPC and costs 2 to 3 times as much. It also looks quite a bit wider. I have a great laptop – I’m not looking for a replacement for that.

    That said, the Lenovo looks like a great device!!

  3. nickh says :

    Where I am getting all caught up with this thing, is that, it seems that it is an additional computer not a replacement. Basically it looks it will take the place of a WinCE device, but it runs a full version of XP. XP would indicate to me laptop top replacement…, Instead it seems like you need to have it docked to a full featured WinXP box but really can’t. I can see taking notes on it, syncing and then reviewing them on your main box but it does not look like it was designed for this. Ohh well I’ll be interested in how it works and how good the hand writing recognition is.

    Where is my Vulcan Flipstart dammit ;)…

  4. dino says :

    Do you know how you can install software on these things?

    Like games, aplications on cd?

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